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Big Data Strategy & Application Exclusive Masterclass

This workshop is highly interactive in nature, with most of the time being allocated to discussions and a combination of individual and group exercises.

26-27 March 2019, Penang
26-27 June 2019, Kuala Lumpur
12 -13 November 2019, Kuala Lumpur
19 – 20 November 2019, Kuala Lumpur
10 – 11 March 2020, Bangkok, Thailand
24 – 25 March 2020, Penang

Data Science with Python

Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. Its high-level built in data structures, combined with dynamic typing and dynamic binding, make it very attractive for Rapid Application Development, as well as for use as a scripting or glue language to connect existing components together. Python’s simple, easy to learn syntax emphasizes readability and therefore reduces the cost of program maintenance. Python supports modules and packages, which encourages program modularity and code reuse. The Python interpreter and the extensive standard library are available in source or binary form without charge for all major platforms, and can be freely distributed.

12 – 13 January 2019, Penang
23 – 24 January 2019, Kuala Lumpur
24 -25 April 2019, Kuala Lumpur
2 – 3 October 2019, Kuala Lumpur
15 – 16 January 2020, Kuala Lumpur

The Art of Business Analytics

With the willingness to learn and not being afraid of the data that you have, it is magical with what you can do with it, it is like The Art of Business Analytics. Into finding what comes next, we actually found an Analytics Wizard with 20 years of experience in performance management, data and business analytics just to name a few.

27-28 August 2019, Kuala Lumpur
3 – 4 December 2019, Kuala Lumpur

bigit in-house training

Everything is unique, so as your organisation’s challenges and problems. Yet, during our series of public workshops, we noticed that there are certain information of your organisation’s challenges could not be shared in public but it is crucial to solve it. Not forgetting, the key solution is always your organisation’s talent. Hence, we are introducing, our most unique approach of In- House Training which comes with tailor-made programme to suit your organisation’s challenges.

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