PH.D (Candidate), Doctor of Business Admin
B.Sc. (Industrial Eng.)


20 years of combined experience in corporate management, business development, performance management, business analysis, data analytics, and project management


  • Member of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)
  • Member of the Data Management Association (DAMA)
  • Member of the Association of Information Systems (AIS)
  • Industry Expert Panel Member – Malaysian-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT) – M.Sc. Precision Engineering
  • Industry Expert Panel Member – Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) AdvancedInformatics School – M.Sc. Systems Engineering
  • Industry Advisory Panel – Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Razak School of Informatics – M.Sc Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Visiting Lecturer – Industry 4.0 Academy – Business Analytics & Data Science
  • Postgraduate/Postdoctoral Researcher (PH.D Candidate), Lincoln UniversityCollege – “Factors Influencing BDA Learning Intentions with TransformationalLeadership as Moderator Variable: Malaysian SME Perspective”
  • Jury, Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) 2018 Big Data Datathon
  • ISI & World Statistics Congress 2019 Journal/Article Reviewer

What you will be expecting


Easy as 1,2,3 but what about 4,5,6?

People always talk about the first steps and how easy it can be but what about the next steps? Is it the same as having your own data and you can see what is the result but from there, what’s next? Have you ever feel like when you try to tell off something but the words just do not come out from your mouth? So many questions to be answered but where to start….

In this modern world, everything and anything can be done at the tip of your finger and with just one snap, it can be solved. But let’s face the reality, we are not Thanos nor a wizard with a wand. Having data, let it be big or small, a data is still a data where you need to understand how it works. Not just by seeing but understand it as well. It must have been nice if you
can read data, understand and also find the root of the problems to it.

Yes, you can for sure.

With the willingness to learn and not being afraid of the data that you have, it is magical with what you can do with it, it is like The Art of Business Analytics. Into finding what comes next, we actually found an Analytics Wizard with 20 years of experience in performance management, data and business analytics just to name a few.

Let’s take on the journey with Dr Ahmad Fazreen. You already start with 1,2,3 so let’s make it count to 4,5,6 and beyond.



This professional training is designed for any business professional that requires heavily usage on analysis from various local and global organizations. It is suggested to attend this masterclass as a group, so that we can create an Action Plan for your organization as a team.

Agenda Day 1

Morning Session

  • Introduction to Data, Analytics, and Insights
  • Business Analytics as a Business Performance Management tool and method
  • Business and Technology Composition of Business Analytics
  • Types of Analytics (with sample use cases from past projects)
  • Enterprise / Organizational Business Analytics
  • Skills & Capabilities Dimension for Business Analytics Management

Afternoon Session

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics Key Success Factors

  • Business Analytics Lifecycle

  • Business Analytics Deployment Strategy

  •  Business Analytics Modelling using Business Research / Scientific Research Methods

  • Conclusion of Day 1

Agenda Day 2

Morning Session

  • Business Analytics Research using Literature Reviews
  • Scientific Journal Repositories
  • Reference Management
  • Introduction to Predictive Analytics using Quantitative Research Methods
  • Case Study Review and Practice Activity (Group Activity)

Afternoon Session

  • Analysis and Presentation

  • Program wrap-up





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