BIGIT is the birth of passion and growth. It starts from our BIGGER than life Culture and transcends to our Company, Colleagues and Clients


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Our Big Growth

The foundations of BIGIT was laid in 2015 in Malaysia . Creating extraordinary conferences is our specialty and we strive to strengthen the company by providing a platform to make ideas happen along with our fundamental principle to constantly stay relevant in thinking two steps ahead into the future. Which then led us to acknowledge the rapid growth in the field of IT and technology. Hence BIGIT was created specifically catered to all events pertaining to IT and technology offerings and innovations to help ease transition into the future.


We deliver cutting edge, technology focused conferences with top notch speakers and comprehensive presentations with real time case studies on popular topics such as big data and its applications, Industrial Revolution 4.0, Government technology, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Data Science, cloud computing and AI.


BIGIT CAMPUS is a bespoke provider of comprehensive Data Science, Digital and Industrial Revolution training programmes dedicated in delivering highvalue resolutions to organization and individual needs. Extensively researched and ensuring only the most recognise practitioners deliver insight to the latest models is our core practice. 

Business Strategy

BIGIT provides in-line relevant technology focused conferences. BIGIT brings together greatness in one place; providing a platform that assists organisations in achieving milestones through ground breaking strategies by means of technological innovations. BIGIT houses all that is current, innovating, interesting and ground-breaking.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

What others view as problems, we view as opportunities. What others view as hard, we view as challenges



Ongoing Conferences and Workshops

Cups Of Coffee

Why we are different

We pride ourselves in our ability to create, enhance and innovate when working alongside our very own and our treasured Clients. Paving the way through BIGIT’s success is a driven and dynamic team motivated in delivering the best standards of service.

The Company’s biggest investment is in the people who share the same belief aligning and uniting to provide an impressive front and solid background. Diversity is the key and it starts from our people to our services. We welcome ideas, innovation and challenges because we are determined to progress not just through our business but within ourselves.

From our Clients

“It was everything we expected plus more. Our exposure was great, our presentation was well received, we managed to get some PR out of the event and we had a lot of visitors to the stand. Totally recommend BIGIT for future events.”


“BIGIT is a great event for us to explore and learn more about the capabilities of BDA. The speakers have done a good job in delivering the key message on the importance of Big Data / Internet of Thing in the real business.”


“Great event at having ideas on what data can be simulate”


“A great event, good to know that there is such an event in Singapore. I am attending as a delegate, but I am also looking this as a platform for my company to consider joining in the next event as well as getting to network with right people in the industry.”


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