With the rise of the ever-changing globalisation phases and expanded view of the potential for industrial markets, companies are in line to gather information to expand their exposure in limitless terms. Thought leaders and professionals in the IT field from various sectors are venturing into the use of Big Data, where attempts are made to achieve organisational goals.

BIGIT MENA Big Data World Show is a triple-streamed large scale conference with an expected amount of over 40 influential and prominent speakers to deliver thought-provoking discussions on the latest most talk-about topics on Big Data. These three streams are comprised of Internet of Things (IoT), predictive analytics, and Big Data for public sectors.

Gain fundamental and in-depth knowledge on the implementation of Big Data analytics into business operations, and gain insights on how Big Data can tremendously benefit your company in terms of the Return on Investment (ROI).  Besides that, companies can avail themselves of the understanding of digital exploration from experts on latest Big Data analytical methods to reduce cost and improve operational efficiencies.

Learn how the government is taking an immense step into innovating the region for smarter ways of living. Furthermore, companies can acquire knowledge on how government and private sectors can be collaborated for the maximised potential use of Big Data, which allows both parties to benefit simultaneously.

Ultimately, expect engaging sessions to enhance and sharpen technological competencies in dealing with Big Data analytics at the BIGIT MENA Big Data World Show 2015 Conference. This is also to reap professional perspectives from senior level players in leading organisations on data interoperability and consistency for innovation.