Sharizal Shaarani is an experienced entrepreneur, corporate senior executive and as well as actively involved in non-governmental organizations. He has lived in 9 countries and this has given him an eclectic upbringing and exposure.

His industry exposure is equally eclectic ranging from IT, fibre-optic network engineering, PR and Media Consulting Agency, sustainable agriculture.

His entrepreneurially experienced in affordable housing, fintech and agri-biotech. This includes joint-venturing with a US Fortune 500 company, the Sabah State Government and creating an RM725million grants program while managing 30 different federal and state agencies. The company also owns a unique global IP in Lobster Aquaculture.

He is a keen strategist in communications and also public policy advocacy. He participated in the ETP Labs whereas the lab leader for Agriculture presented to Cabinet Members proposals from the lab which included an RM1.6 billion grant for aquaculture which was subsequently approved by the government.

He has always been very active in the NGO space where he co-founded the United Kingdom’s and Eire Executive Council of Students (UKEC) in 1995. He was also in PROMUDA where he was the pioneer batch that was chosen to be a part of the US State Department-sponsored program: American Corporate Young and Political Leaders (ACYPL) in 2005.

In 2012, he helped co-founded the Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Melayu, a leading Malay Economic NGO whose success include leading a strong inclusive national campaign against TPPA and coming up with fresh strategic ideas to promote sustainable Malay entrepreneurship.

Currently, he focuses his attention to community-driven technology projects with the Bukit Bintang Foundation.