Peter Kua, the nation’s notable Data Science Evangelist with more than 10 years of experience in this field. Extensive ICT experience in various roles: Big Data / Data Science Strategy, Technopreneur, CTO, Project Manager and Software Developer. Startup leadership & management style. Excellent communication skills. Solid network of contacts in the private sector, government and universities/colleges

Industry experience includes Big Data / Data Science Strategy, Open Data, e-learning, plantation systems, FMCG, high-tech manufacturing and training and education

Relevant Data Science, Big Data and Open Data experience:

Head of Data Science & Analytics, Media Prima Digital

  • Leads both the data science and data engineering teams to ensure high-value, data-driven business cases are developed and operationalized
  • Engages with stakeholders from various business units (print, radio and TV) on new high-impact business cases, as well as plan the resources – people, process and technology – required to develop and deploy them
  • Evangelizes a data-driven culture in the organization and breaking down data silos among business units
  • Collaborates with third-party data providers to further enhance the organization’s existing audience data

Head of Big Data Analytics (BDA) Innovation, MDEC

  • Thought leadership, industry development and evangelizing the National BDA Initiative agenda to realize the vision of Malaysia being a regional BDA hub by 2020
  • Driving the BDA Talent Development, Open Data and Open Innovation/Adoption imperatives in the public and private sectors, including universities.
  • Creation of a BDA adoption framework that allows organizations to become data-driven organizations in a structured manner
  • Developed the National BDA Framework to deliver strategic recommendations / action plans to achieve the National BDA vision
  • Developing the National Data Ocean (data sharing & data brokerage) and its governance and policy framework