Over 10 years of technical experience on Optoelectronic, Quality Control (QC), Failure Analysis (FA) and High-Volume Engineering Data Analysis, people analytics and AI.
Managed and lead national and global data architectures projects for government and MNC companies. Involved in government-related projects, task forces, policies and guidelines to further expand digital transformation in the country

Leadership Expertise in:
• Managing Lean Manufacturing, departments
• Establishing new departments and test laboratories.
• Selecting and deploying data mining & analysis, visualization, modeling and reporting tools.
• Rapid decision-making in quality, throughput and efficiency issues.
• Coordinating product-related and process-related Improvement Plans.
• Leading global projects and managing people.
• Driving Task forces for identifying Systemic Engineering issues.
• Driving Global Data Solutions for Engineering.
• Conforming to OSHA requirements.
• Knowledge Management Setup
• Digital HR Strategy and technology adoption

Expert Knowledge About:
• Physics of Optoelectronic and Electronic Devices.
• Semiconductor fabrication techniques, for both III-V and silicon processes.
• Process optimization.
• Statistical Analysis Methods (DOE, SPC, Regression, Principal Component Analysis, Forecasting, Capability Analysis).
• Six sigma methodologies and certification
• Root cause identification and quality control implementations.
• Software (MATLAB, JMP, Excel, Access, Project, SQL Server, Sharepoint, PowerBI, SQL, PowerApps).
• Secure Web Pages.