Andy Roy Sian is a public sector and digital transformation expert, facilitating large institutions pivot to Industrial Revolution 4.0. An Information Technology graduate with more than 16 years work experience in various capacities and performing roles such as Business & Strategy Development, Sales & Account Management, Strategic Partnership & Alliances, Web Design & Development, Program Management, Business Intelligence, Operations and Support. He was formerly the Director of Business Development, Public Sector for NEM Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NEM.io Foundation, a global Blockchain technology organization, Assistant Vice President at POS Malaysia’s e-Commerce unit, Manager of Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad’s Business Intelligence and Data Management Unit, Commercial Services division, and has managerial experience in various roles leading digital transformations.

Andy’s specialty lies in leading large institutional transformation, especially in the public and GLC sector. He led the charge to ready large corporations’ pivot to the digital economy and has a deep understanding of the multiple layers of stakeholders involved in any transformation process.

Andy is passionate about bringing Malaysia and Southeast Asia to the next digital revolution, and as such has been heavily involved in creating a vibrant Blockchain ecosystem within Malaysia.