Peter Kua, co founder of Asian Data Science the nation’s notable Data Science Evangelist with more than 10 years of experience in this field. Extensive ICT experience in various roles: Big Data / Data Science Strategy, Technopreneur, CTO, Project Manager and Software Developer. Startup leadership & management style. Excellent communication skills. Solid network of contacts in the private sector, government and universities/colleges

Industry experience includes Big Data / Data Science Strategy, Open Data, e-learning, plantation systems, FMCG, high-tech manufacturing and training and education

Relevant Data Science, Big Data and Open Data experience

Head of Data Science & Analytics, Media Prima Digital

  • Leads both the data science and data engineering teams to ensure high-value, data-driven business cases are developed and operationalized
  • Engages with stakeholders from various business units (print, radio and TV) on new high-impact business cases, as well as plan the resources – people, process and technology – required to develop and deploy them
  • Evangelizes a data-driven culture in the organization and breaking down data silos among business units
  • Collaborates with third-party data providers to further enhance the organization’s existing audience data

Head of Big Data Analytics (BDA) Innovation, MDEC

  • Thought leadership, industry development and evangelizing the National BDA Initiative agenda to realize the vision of Malaysia being a regional BDA hub by 2020
  • Driving the BDA Talent Development, Open Data and Open Innovation/Adoption imperatives in the public and private sectors, including universities.
  • Creation of a BDA adoption framework that allows organizations to become data-driven organizations in a structured manner
  • Developed the National BDA Framework to deliver strategic recommendations / action plans to achieve the National BDA vision
  • Developing the National Data Ocean (data sharing & data brokerage) and its governance and policy framework

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What would you gain from this course

This workshop is highly interactive in nature, with most of the time being allocated to discussions and a combination of individual and group exercises.

Overview of Big Data Analytics (BDA)
The 3 Vs of BDA and creating value from them to benefit economies, societies and governments

BDA success stories in Malaysia and around the region
High-impact case studies from a variety of industries and government agencies exploiting BDA

The analytics landscape (descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive)
Analytics maturity stages, from answering the questions What Happened and Why It Happened, to What Will Happen and What Is the Best Course of Action

The BDA ecosystem (from ingestion to analytics to organizational transformation)
Understanding the end-to-end analytics environment from Data Ingestion, ETL and Analytics, to Reports, Dashboards and Actionable Insights

Big data and cloud technologies
Understanding cloud computing and running BDA using cloud-based infrastructures such as AWS, GCP and Azure

Organizational analytics maturity
The 5 stages of data and analytics maturity and how they are related to business strategy, culture, people, process and technologies

Data science professionals and key competency areas
Data scientists and data engineers, how they fit into the BDA ecosystem and the skillsets required of them

A systematic approach to starting a data science project
Introduction to the CRISP-DM Methodology for high-impact analytics projects

Group activity: Data-driven case study discussion
A discussion of a data-driven case study that contains all the elements that have been presented in the workshop so far

Relevant industry use cases
A discussion of specific industry use cases that are relevant to the participants to prepare them for the final brainstorming activity

Group activity: Data-driven business case brainstorming and prioritization
A logical process of analysis and prioritization to identify “quick wins” business cases or analytics for the participants’ organization. The identified “quick wins” business cases will justify the analytics projects and/or proofs-of-concept


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