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Husein Zolkepli, Founder & CTO , Mesolitica Sdn Bhd

Husein Zolkepli, one of Malaysia’s hidden gem in Data Science world! He will definitely wouldn’t admit himself as one, afterall humble is within his nature. A Python Developer (forever with it) and open source advocate. He unite people to make a particular significant software product without any boundary and platform. He is also occasionally giving talks and tech classes related to data science, machine learning, deep learning, DevOps and Python.

He create and maintain Malaya, Bahasa Malaysia Natural-Language-Toolkit library powered by Deep Learning Tensorflow. Malaya released state-of-art NLP for malay including BERT, XLNET and ELMO along with open sourcing huge malay corpus to improve Malaysia NLP products and services.

A former Executive AI, develop Bahasa Malaysia parser to Chatbot, advanced face analysis, self-driving car prototype with SLAM and Computer Vision, deep learning interface for ROS, a former Data Engineer for Omnilytics CO which responsible to handle more than 1 billion fashion and beauty products across the globe, a former data scientist to develop open source library drone integration with Tensorflow, and a former machine learning engineer for PRU-14 barisan nasional intelligent dashboard.

Among a few Data Science projects/experience;

  • Data Correlation visualization on the local government. http://www.huseinhouse.com/mampu/
  • Export and Import Malaysia analysis with real-time forecasting TF.jshttp://huseinhouse.com/tensorflow-js/matrade-v2/
  • Stock forecasting engine with big data correlation dashboard. http://huseinhouse.com/tensorflow-js/stock-forecasting-v2
  • Social network visualization for Trump circle based on news and searching influencer similarity.
  • Social network visualization for Najib Razak circle based on twitter and searching influencer similarity.
  • Tensorflow deep learning projects {CNN, RNN, Feedforward, GAN, Seq2Seq}.https://github.com/huseinzol05/Deep-Learning-Tensorflow
  • Malaya, Bahasa Malaysia NLP library for Python, powered using deep learning models. Supports POS,Entities
  • Recognition, Stemming, Normalizer, Topic Modelling and Semantic searching. https://github.com/DevconX/Malaya
  • (Hackathon Competition) Titanic: Machine Learning from Disaster (top 1%, 53rd of 8649)
  • Porto Seguro’s Safe Driver Prediction (top 8%, 284th of 3138)
  • and many more…


We couldn’t agree more that Python is gaining the popular and important in Data Science! Hence, in order to shape the nation’s Big Data journey, we will be organising a 2 days workshop on Data Science with Python and it will be conducted by Mr. Husein Zolkepli, Malaysia’s hidden gem talent who has successfully execute/create with more than 20 Data Science projects and counting! Google his name up to get amazed!

Session Topics (Day 1)

Refreshing Python programming language
Python language fundamentals, including basic syntax, data types, lists, dictionaries, sets, tuples.

Introduction to linear algebra library, Numpy, and vector programming
What is numpy and why linear algebra is very crucial for data science.

Introduction to dataframe library, Pandas
What is pandas and it offers data structures and operations for manipulating numerical tables and time series.

Pandas Data Structure and important functions
Manipulating 1D and 2D data in Pandas and how to use important functions to do basic data cleaning.

Pandas grouping for aggregation, filtration and transformation
What is aggregation and how to aggregate using Pandas.

Pandas fast indexing and selecting data
We will focus on how to slice, dice, and generally get and set subsets of pandas objects.

Pandas time frame type manipulation
We will focus on how to use Pandas time series and dates functionality for time series dataset.

Session Topics (Day 2)

Introduction to Malay language text processing using Malaya library
How to use Malaya library, Natural Language Processing Toolkit library for Malay to do local text language analytics.

Introduction to Machine learning
How to use Multinomial bayes theorem, decision trees, random forests, and various ensemble tree based algorithm to solve simple classification problem.

Introduction to Deep learning
Why current industry move towards deep learning as base AI engine and how to use Tensorflow to build simple feed-forward deep learning to solve simple classification problem.

Introduction to Regression problem
We will learn data exploration on house pricing dataset, and solve regression problem to predict house prices using various machine learning models.

Introduction to Classification problem
We will learn data exploration on telco churn dataset, and solve classification problem to predict which customers will churn for next payment period.

Who should attend

This professional training is designed for Technical Professionals as below:

  • CTO
  • CIO
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Big Data Department Staff
  • Big Data Project Lead
  • Solution Architect
  • Big Data Executive
  • Software Engineer

From various local and global organizations.

Key takeaways

This course is a great introduction to data science using Python. By the end, you’ll be familiar with common data science practices and how to solve it using Python.

This is a pre-requisite workshop, students, with at least Programming or coding skills required.

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