the 8th annual data science show

22 – 23 September 2020 | Kuala Lumpur

We are Data Nation


The Human-Machine Convergence

The global explosion of big data together with the ingestion and analytics of every data point imaginable will hurtle us toward a tipping point of a major disruption for businesses and society.
Whether this disruption advances the hyperconnected humankind or spells doom for society at large will depend on how all of us play our roles in putting the right thought leadership and strategy in place to exploit the deluge of information generated by the datafication of everything around us.
The utopian scenario would be the conception of a world where machines are seamlessly intertwined with humans, augmenting every façade of their being – like intelligence and productivity – and resulting in a super-smart society where economic value creation is well balanced by the resolution of social conflict.
On the dark side, these disruptive technologies can be exploited by a small subset of digital elites. They will monopolise and use these tools to control the rest of the population.
WELCOME TO BIGIT 2020, where the future of human-machine convergence will be passionately presented and hotly debated.
Listen to how big data and AI can be used to conceive a superior civilization, or how humanity can be destroyed by it. Pay attention to the importance of creating AI that is ethical and fair to all genders and race. Understand that as we race toward the dawn of an intelligent society, the emphasis must be on human skills such as creativity, leadership, communication and compassion.
Finally, BIGIT 2020 will have sessions devoted to 5G now that the country is aggressively rolling out this transformative technology. These sessions will focus on 5G business cases that will make an impact on businesses and society.
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Malaysia AI Blueprint 2020

After the positive anticipation of the first Malaysia AI Adoption Blueprint 2019, we will be rolling out the next edition, Malaysia AI Adoption Blueprint 2020.

Last year, our finding showed that telco, media & entertainment, and aviation are the most mature industries in adopting big data analytics and also the most AI-mature industries. However, considering the rapid change of technology adoption and disruption, would the mentioned industries stay the champion podium?

To visionary 2020 nation, Disruptive Tech Institute and BIGIT’s data strategy team has conducted a neutral study across critical industries, in the spectrum of people, process, technology, and data. To dive deeper into what seems to evolve over 2019, and what likely is about to change, again.

The significant findings of the blueprint will be announced in the keynote of BIGIT 2020.

A copy of the blueprint will also be distributed to all participants.

bigit 2020 speakers

“Great two days of concept learning & insight sharing of actual case studies. This conference gives me a new experience about Big Data and the importance of Big Data in today’s lifestyle.”

Hong Leong Bank

“I am enjoying it, interesting and good cross-functional view of what is going on with the data science area from supplier industry.”


"A great event, good to know that there is such an event in Malaysia. I am attending as a delegate, but I am also looking this as a platform for my company to consider joining in the next event as well as getting to network with right people in the industry."

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

“Interesting presentations, up-to-date information on Big Data. I had a very good networking experience.”

National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau

“BIGIT is a great event for us to explore and learn more about the capabilities of BDA. The speakers have done a good job in delivering the key message on the importance of Big Data / AI in the real business.”

“BIGIT is very good event, I have met several potential partner & talents that can improve my company business.”

“Great event at having ideas on what data can be simulated”


This year at BIGIT 2020, it will be more than just learning.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

What others view as problems, we view as opportunities. What others view as hard, we view as challenges



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