24 - 25 September 2019 | Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur

The Rise of the Data-Driven Organization


About #BIGIT2019

In the last 2-3 years, we witnessed big data analytics steadily knocking down inflated expectations and disillusionments to ultimately begin their journey toward high-value, mainstream adoption.

The BIGIT2019 theme – The Rise of the Data-Driven Organization – aptly describes the current state of big data adoption in Malaysia. We are beginning to discover many impactful advanced analytics- and AI-driven products and solutions that are catalysts to organizational transformation.

Yes, we are referring to increased revenues, higher efficiencies and reduced costs.

Come join us for BIGIT2019 to learn how advanced analytics is exploited for gains in key sectors. Listen to how Artificial Intelligence will find the next oil well. Be speechless by how credit card companies exploit Artificial Intelligence to brainwash you into parting with your money. Be reassured by how Artificial Intelligence will produce more jobs than ever.

And many more.











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For the first time in all of BIGIT’s conferences, we will present the Malaysia AI Adoption Blueprint 2019.

This blueprint is an evaluation of the current AI maturity in Malaysia across key industries, in terms of people, process, technology and data. The study was conducted with relevant senior executives and combined with analysis and insights from Asian Data Science and BIGIT’s data strategy team. 

The objective of the Malaysia AI Adoption Blueprint 2019 is to catalyze and continue spurring the adoption of AI in the country to improve the nation’s competitive position.

Major findings of the blueprint will be revealed in the keynote of BIGIT 2019.

A copy of the blueprint will also be distributed to all participants.


Sr. Product Manager, BIGTERA
Head of Digital Advocate & Knowledge Management, UEM EDGENTA BERHAD
VP, Huawei Cloud Malaysia, Huawei Technologies Malaysia
Chief Technology Officer, IBM Data & AI - Asia Pacific
Product Marketing Manager, Denodo
Professional Emcee,Radio/TV Host
Head, Group Model Validation, Maybank
Co-Founder & Product/Tech Lead, Advanx Health
Vice President, SilTerra Malaysia
Head of Data Science, AirAsia
General Manager Customer Data Solutions, REA Asia Group (iProperty.com.my)
Data Science Evangelist & Founder of AsianDataScience.com | Head of Data Science, Media Prima Digital
Vice President, Resorts World Genting Technology Adoption and Monetization Maven
CEO & Founder, TMC Sistem
CIO, Malayan Flour Mills Berhad
Head, Group Analytics, Star Media Group Berhad
Advisor- Digital Economy, OpenGov Asia
Global Director of Data Analytics, iflix
Director, Incubator Program, CREST | Founder, TechTarik
Head of AI & Advanced Analytics, Maxis


DAY 1 | 24 SEPTEMBER 2019

9:00AM | The complete truth about data scientists and the work they do, according to 100 companies


And no, it’s not all machine learning and modelling. For the first time in all of BIGIT’s conferences, we will present the Malaysia AI Adoption Blueprint 2019 – an evaluation of the current AI maturity in Malaysia across key industries. Be the first to listen in on the latest AI adoption maturity across key verticals in Malaysia. Discover the major hurdles in AI adoption and key recommendations to conquer them. And, of course, don’t miss out on the truth about data science professionals and what they really do!

peter kua 2

Data Science Evangelist & Founder of AsianDataScience.com | Head of Data Science, Media Prima Digital

9:30AM | Preparing the next generation: what do we do after AI arrives?


The Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0) will change how we live and work.  Automation and AI are expected to make many jobs redundant. The World Economic Forum estimated 65% of children in primary schools today will end up working in jobs that haven’t been created yet. So how do we prepare today’s generation for tomorrow?

In SilTerra, one of Malaysia’s most advanced factories, IR4.0 capabilities have been installed from the day it opened in 2001. Even though each of their multi-million dollar tool and equipment is automated, networked and interconnected to report every detail of their operations to an in-house CIM system, the human side of running such a state-of-the-art factory is still much needed to remain competitive.

Teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) capabilities alone is not enough in the age of automation and AI. Humanistic and Liberal Arts capabilities are critical – language skills, communication and negotiation, philosophy and an inquiring mindset among others – to address new challenges that arise when digital and automated systems are put in place.  This session will discuss why STEM is not enough in preparing our children today. We need to add the Arts to make STEAM. 

Tan Eng Tong 4

Vice President, SilTerra Malaysia

10:00AM | Battles of the bots: Human vs Machine

Human VS Machine

Where do we stand when robots and AI come into the picture and take over most of our regular jobs? It is a no brainer. You will get shafted or shifted. The bottom line is, if the machine can do better at a fraction of the cost, it will be where decision-makers will head. So, how do we survive these most transformative times and be creative in putting people at the top of the pyramid? Join the expert in a roaring fun time with her HR’s “Art of War” sharing, a strategy against machines… with just people and data.

Dr. Esther Loo
Head Of Digital Advocate & Knowledge Management,

11:00AM | How Do You Make $$$ from the Data You Own?

Data Monetization

The million-dollar data question on everyone’s mind: How do you make LOTS OF MONEY from the data you have? Do you sell raw data? Do you sell processed data, or even insights? How do you value your data and create a monetization strategy? Listen to this expert presentation on how REA Asia and iProperty.com.my successfully created revenue opportunities from their property-related data – from transacting data to selling intelligence on regional property performance and market trends.

prem 2

General Manager Customer Data Solutions, REA Asia Group


11:30AM | See How? Two Words That Help Us Use and Monetize Big Data!

Data Monetization

Leaders often delay making decisions due to uncertain circumstances. They wait until the time is right to make that big move. Today, big data technology allows them to have access to a vast wealth of information at real-time. But does this mean they know how to use it? On the contrary, having access to real-time data can lead to ineffective decision-making, doing more harm than good in certain organizations. Listen to this expert presentation as he shares his top 5 learnings in utilizing and monetizing data at Resorts World Genting. Hear how he and his team cut through the data noise to create new value by predicting what customers want at scale. Answering the old Malaysian adage “See How Lorr?”, this session is custom-made for business leaders struggling to use and make the most of their data.

nicco tan 2

Vice President, Resorts World Genting
Technology Adoption and Monetization Maven

12:00PM | Put AI to work, today

It is clear that the future for organizations is a hybrid, multicloud world. What’s even clearer is that it’s time to modernize the enterprise – so enterprises can bring the power of AI into their organization.  Companies that put AI to work gain the ability to predict business outcomes, automate processes, and optimize time within the organization. You can maximize the value of your data by uncovering hidden insights and transforming business processes through AI. ​IBM’s Kitman Cheung shows you how you can modernize your data architecture to put AI to work, unifying data analytics and AI within a single journey.

Kitman Cheung
Chief Technology Officer,
IBM Data & AI – Asia Pacific

2:00PM | Case Study: From telco networks to cognitive insights to all-out customer satisfaction

Extreme Data Economy

Telcos have been operating since the 2G era and it was only recently they were able deepen their understanding of their business and customers. How? Well, it’s via this new medium called Data. Being in a competitive market with one another, telcos that are able to capitalize their data will move quicker, have a very fluid process of capturing higher cognitive insights of the customer, and provide superior products and solutions to the market. Listen to this expert presentation on how Maxis tracks the digital touchpoints and interactions of every user, and how this massive amount of data is analysed and transformed into real-time customer insights, recommendations and personalization that bring the organization a step closer to the holy grail of maximizing their customer lifetime value.


Head of Data Science and Engineering, Maxis

2:30PM |HUAWEI CLOUD, Grow with Intelligence

Cloud computing is becoming an inevitable choice for the digital transformation of Enterprises. The coming decade is the era of Cloud 2.0. Enterprises will become the primary consumers of Cloud. Huawei processes superior AI and Cloud Computing capabilities. Years of accumulated expertise have been integrated into HUAWEI CLOUD, marking HUAWEI CLOUD a leading technology, future-oriented, trustworthy platform. We will share HUAWEI CLOUD services and solutions including the Full-stack All Scenarios AI portfolio, ModelArts AI platform, Enterprise Intelligent (EI) services and our Cloud Partners Ecosystem that can help Industries and Enterprises to speed up their Cloud and AI adoption.

Ooi Ming Loong
VP, Huawei Cloud Malaysia, Huawei Technologies Malaysia

3:30PM | The EGOsystem and data-driven personalization

AI and the “Me” Culture

The me, me, me entitlement is epidemic. Today’s media consumers are the center of their own egosystem. Listen to this expert presentation on how the Star Media Group created a data-driven culture of people, processes and technology to understand what drives audience to their digital property. And how advanced analytics and AI are used to segment audience, personalize content and drive user engagement and loyalty.


Head, Group Analytics, Star Media Group Berhad

4:00PM |The Arts and Humanities: Preparing Humans for the World of AI


The rise of AI raises new concerns – one is that AI will take over jobs and the other is the ethical and societal issues caused by AI (algorithms). The discussion will center around STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and STEAM (STEM with Arts) and how STEAM education can provide humans with the capacity to rise above AI so they can use it to their advantage. STEAM can also allow scientists to develop AI that is responsible and has a positive impact on society. How do we then upskill our existing workforce on STEAM, and how do we successfully merge the arts with science and technology in the classroom?


Azreena Azizan
Director, Incubator Program, CREST
Founder, TechTarik


Kitman Cheung
Chief Technology Officer,
IBM Data & AI – Asia Pacific

nicco tan 2

Vice President, Resorts World Genting
Technology Adoption and Monetization Maven

Dr. Esther Loo
Head Of Digital Advocate & Knowledge Management,

DAY 2 | 25 SEPTEMBER 2019

9:00AM | Developing the Soul of a Digital Economy

Society 5.0

Discussions around digital transformation in nations often center around the Whats and Hows of technologies, and not the Whys of businesses, societies and governments. Developing an intelligent nation means balancing economic prosperity with resolving social issues assisted by science and technology. Listen to this expert presentation on the strategies adopted by countries on their way to becoming an intelligent nation and their implementation through use cases propelled by IoT, robotics, AI and big data.

daniel ng 2

Advisor- Digital Economy, OpenGov Asia

9:30AM | Coming face to face with the risk of artificial intelligence

AI the Double-Edge Sword

The explosion of big data and the availability of a myriad of analytics tools have enabled the integration of descriptive and predictive analytics into many business processes. The benefits are immense but it also exposes institutions to risks, losses and other pitfalls. AI algorithms unable to adapt to new situations? Discrimination in mortgage lending? Unintended disclosure of user data? Poor AI decisions can result in severe consequences. Listen to this expert presentation on how the stakes in managing AI risks are at an all-time high, and regardless of the technologies adopted, there is no replacement for a sound governance framework. Best practices in model risk management and governance will be shared.


Head, Group Model Validation, Maybank

10:00AM | Don't fret over job automation. Instead, ask what AI is lousy at


AI cannot feel what the other person is feeling. Nor can it think critically or creatively. These are the things humans are good at. Listen to this expert presentation on how AI performs horribly at jobs requiring imagination, social skills and wisdom. The hype around robots completely replacing us is, well, just a hype.

horace 2

CIO, Malayan Flour Mills Berhad

11:00AM | Building Your Data-Driven Business Strategy with Software-Defined Innovation

Transforming your organization into data-driven one is about making data management as part of the business strategy. Consider data as your asset. How to make data being used right at the right time by the right people? This section will talk about how software-defined innovation helps you to the journey of data-driven transformation.



11:30AM | Cracking your genomics secrets for personalised healthcare


Do you think it’s possible to predict your future health with information from your DNA? Why do some people suffer from certain diseases while others don’t? Listen to this expert presentation on how unlocking and diving into your DNA can offer ways to personalise your lifestyle for better health. We are entering a new era of precision healthcare. The intersection of genomics and AI has allowed unprecedented genomic insights that are applied for appropriate health interventions, to better understand the risks associated with genes and to drive lifestyle changes targeted at your DNA!

Ping Chew2

Co-Founder & Product/Tech Lead, Advanx Health

12:00PM | Data Virtualization as Part of a Big Data Strategy

In an era increasingly dominated by advancements in cloud computing, AI and advanced analytics, it may come as a surprise that many organizations still rely on data architectures built before the turn of the century. But that scenario is rapidly changing with the increasing adoption of real-time data virtualization – a paradigm shift in the approach that organizations take towards accessing, integrating, and provisioning data required to meet business goals.

As data analytics and data-driven intelligence takes center stage in today’s digital economy, logical data integration across the widest variety of data sources, with proper security and governance structure in place has become mission critical.

Attend this session to learn:

  • How you can meet cloud and data science challenges with data virtualization
  • Why data virtualization is increasingly finding enterprise-wide adoption
  • How customers are reducing costs and improving ROI with data virtualization

Sushant Kumar,
Product Marketing Manager,


2:00PM | I didn't know I would enjoy Machu Pichu… until AI told me

Radical Personalization

Airasia – as a tech company – exploits data for better decisions and leverages the best of human and artificial intelligence for better, faster, more sustainable data-driven decisions. Listen to this expert presentation on how the organization builds its team of data science professionals, connect the dots among business units, and integrates its data processes to focus on consumer insights. Hear how they use big data and AI to anticipate travel patterns of individual passengers and offer them end-to-end personalization like preferred destination offers, bookings, hotels, dining and tours.

Thomas 1

Head of Data Science, AirAsia

2:30PM | Case Study: The iflix Way


iflix believes that everyone deserves to be entertained and this principle is what drives the company to provide – and produce – entertainment for emerging markets. A data-driven culture in iflix plays a fundamental role in enabling them to fine-tune their strategy for iflix Originals or acquire new content. Listen to this expert presentation on how advanced analytics comes into play in iflix’s multi-country strategy – knowing what users in different countries like to consume, what original content to create and what to license. And how different teams collaborate to exploit the data collected to track content and audience performance, monitor subscriptions and engagement, and manage the success of iflix’s partners around the globe.


Global Director of Data Analytics, iflix

3:30PM | The Rise Against Landslides: Big Data Analytics to the Rescue


Over 55,000 lives were lost globally in the last 15 years due to landslides. And Malaysia has one of the highest frequency of landslides in the world. Current slope monitoring practices lack real-time monitoring. By the time movements are detected, it is usually too late. Listen to this expert presentation on how a combination of IoT and AI is used to develop a remote and instantaneous landslide sensing system. It is able to detect microscopic slope movements, analyse these data and predict potential landslides, transforming landslide monitoring from a conventionally reactive exercise to a proactive early-warning approach that prevents landslides from occurring.


CEO & Founder, Pembinaan TMC Sistem

4:00PM |What is needed to progress a digital economy


The formula for digital economy progression from a data-driven angle and also from an AI vs human standpoint. On one hand, we are worried about the progress made by AI and automation and job displacement. On the other hand, we are optimistic about the rise of smarter humans to counter AI. In reality, digital economy progression requires both humans and technology to coexist. Tune in to this exciting finale as our moderator grills the panelists on this relevant yet thought-provoking topic.


Advisor- Digital Economy, OpenGov Asia


CIO, Malayan Flour Mills Berhad

Global Director Of Data Analytics, Iflix

Sushant Kumar
Product Marketing Manager, Denodo

*Conference Agenda is subject to change without prior notice

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