Glueck Technologies is a collective of entrepreneurs and scientists with the passion, and energy for computer vision, artificial intelligence, and deep machine learning. We have developed proprietary technologies to measure audience’s emotions, demography and reactions to OOH media stimuli. This enables an untapped range of applications in media, advertising, medical, educational, security, mental health care, etc. 

Our A3 (Advanced Anonymous Audience) product suite is specifically for the OOH (Out of Home) market. The device is for audience measurement on any OOH media asset enabling planners to develop highly accurate and targeted campaigns to specific target audience. With our A2 (Adaptive Advertising) product suite, advertisers can not only plan but also have the ability to deliver customsation programmatic content, anywhere, anytime. A cloud based analytical tool is made available to the end user for reporting, analysis and planning.

We provide an effective audience measurement tool for the OOH industry, which is currently lacking.