8 – 9 MAY 2018   |    KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA

The 3rd Annual Digital Marketing Conference & Exhibition














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Mohamed Arafa,
Telecom Egypt

Faisal Khalil
Experienced marketing professional,
Former Astro,, Star Media Group, Media Prima and Carousell

Karina Besprosvan
Data storyteller, Insight & innovation
Sony Pictures Entertainment

Natan Santolo,
SVP of Interface Engineering,
Lazad.a Group

Neil F Shastry
Business Analytics Manager

Tony Chow
Regional Director, Creative & Content Marketing, Asia Pacific,


Agenda Day 1: 8th May 2018
8:30am Registration and Morning Coffee
9:00am Welcoming Remarks by the Producer
9:05am Opening Remarks by Chairperson


In Digital Marketing We Trust

Keynote Presentation
The Imperative of Being the Leaders in Digital Marketing in order to be the Leaders of the Industry
• Why it is crucial to keep yourself updated with Digital Marketing Innovations
• Exploring endless opportunities for your Marketing campaign to reach throughout the Digital Universe
• Equipping yourself with capabilities beyond the industry benchmark


A Digital Odyssey

Keynote Presentation
Covering Digital Marketing Trends of 2017 
• 2017 Digital Marketing Statistics
• Strategizing Brand Safety and Providing Greater Transparency for customer
• E-Commerce and Mobile Traffic


Crouching Campaigns, Hidden Markets

Keynote Presentation
2018 Key Digital Marketing Trends and Expert Predictions
• Social Media Marketing
• Augmented Reality, Chatbots and Social Proofing
• SEO and SEM in 2018

10:45am Morning Refreshment & Networking Session


The Marketing Big Short

Expert Presentation
Establishing Digital Marketing ROI
• Digital Marketing Metrics
• Increasing Revenue using Digital Marketing and Returning of Marketing Investment (ROMI)
• Measuring and Reporting ROI for Digital Marketing and its effects


No Nation for Old Marketing

Case Study
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Digital Marketing
• Adding Machine Learning to customize and targeting marketing campaigns
• Ads targeting and segmentation
• NLP, Semantic Analysis and Chatbots


Good Will Digital Hunting

Expert Presentation
Measuring and Analysing Digital Marketing
• Evolution of Digital Metrics and focusing on the most suitable metrics for your company
• Developing greater understanding of how target audience behaves
• PESO(Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned) Analysis and leveraging the power of attribution modelling

12:45pm Networking Luncheon Session


Dawn of the Planet of AI 

Panel Discussion
The Revolution of Digital Marketing and Customer Experience through Artificial Intelligence
Join the Panel Discussion where industry experts and AI companies come together to discuss about AI, Automation and Machine Learning revolutionizing the world of Marketing.



Expert Presentation
Transforming Digital Marketing using Blockchain
• Building a customer profile directly from the customer using Blockchain
• Establishing trust and improving audience target better
• The disruption of Blockchain in Digital Marketing

3:15pm Afternoon Break & Networking Session


50 Shades of Digital Marketing

Case Studies
Exploring the options before selecting the best Digital Marketing Channel to target your customer

• Identifying target audience and understanding the relevancy of various channel
• Marketing Automation Services and Remarketing Strategies


Evolutions wait for no one

Expert Presentation
The Transformation from Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing and why it is crucial to evolve now
• The Benefits of Digital Marketing
• The Advances of Digital Marketing so far
• Analysis of comparison between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing


Closing Remarks & End of Day

*Conference Agenda is subject to change without prior notice

Agenda Day 2: 9th May 2018
8:30am Registration and Morning Coffee
9:00am Welcoming Remarks by the Producer


Omni-Channel & Multi-Channel Marketing

Keynote Presentation
Disrupting Omni-Channel Marketing and Multi-Channel Marketing through Digital Innovation in the Digital Universe
• Inducing Social into Customer Customers Relationship Management (CRM)
• Leveraging Big Data to gather information, market segmentation and developing personalised content
• Overcoming barriers and obstacles of Multi-channel and Omni-Channel Marketing



Keynote Presentation
Improving Customer experience by Creating the most suitable User Interface for your business
• The differences between UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience)
• Influencing Customer Experience by modifying your UI and establishing your UX
• Intrinsic value of User Experience and the difference between digital marketing


Business Transformation

Expert Presentation
Transforming your Business by using Digital Marketing Automation
• The Methodical Study of Digital Marketing Automation
• The Pros and Cons of using Automation
• Creating more leads by implementing Automation for your Digital Marketing

10:45am Morning Refreshment & Networking Session


Personalization & Brand Loyalty

Expert Presentation
Humanizing Digital Marketing through Personalization & Brand Loyalty to Ensure Customer Loyalty
• Using content and Predictive Analytics to Personalized Communication
• Rewarding Ads to Loyal Customer
• Offering Tips and Guidelines


Big Data

Case Study
Optimizing the Power of Digital Marketing by utilizing Big Data
• Integrating Big Data in your Digital Marketing Campaign
• Discovering the impact of Big Data to your Digital Marketing and strengthening your Customer Experience
• Generating Real Time Customer Insights and reducing churn

12:30pm Networking Luncheon Session


Data Storytelling & Data Visualization

Expert Presentation
Using Data to Tell Better Stories and Visualization of your Product
• Data Visualization & Data Storytelling: Discovering information through different representations
• Boosting your brand and revenue through data storytelling
• Making Data easily understandable using Data Visualization


Big Data

Case Studies
Equipping Analytics capabilities in your business using Big Data Analytics to deliver a world class User Experience
• Utilizing Structured and Unstructured Data for Augmented Business Value
• Creating qualitative strategies by using real time data for better customer targeting and improving marketing strategy
• Using Interfaces to analyse complex data

3:00pm Afternoon Break & Networking Session



Expert Presentation
Creating customized and targeted marketing campaigns by using Geotargeting

• Using Real Time Geolocation Marketing
• Cross-technology location based marketing
• Personalize your target audience by using Geotargeting


The Memoir of Digital Marketing

Panel Discussion
Exploring and Discovering various Successful Marketing Campaigns and tools needed for it!
Join the Panel Discussion together with Successful Marketing Campaign Companies and Digital Marketing Solutions provider in order to discover and decide the best and the most successful marketing campaign. Re-strategizing and disrupting your marketing to evolve into a more effective product.


Closing Remarks & End of Day

*Conference Agenda is subject to change without prior notice


BIGIT is the birth of passion and growth. It starts from our BIGGER than life Culture and transcends to our Company, Colleagues and Clients.

BIGIT’s events are niche, exclusive and tailored according to market needs of the host city and as such, only relevant sponsors, exhibitors, and delegates are invited to attend. The BIGIT consists of the Conference Series and BIGIT Exhibition:

Conference Series focuses on the exploration and discussion on the latest technology trends such as Big Data, Government Technology, FINTECH, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Digital Workplace. It acts as a platform to create awareness on these topics among industry players.

BIGIT Exhibition fosters the networking between vendors and end-users With a host of key industry players in attendance, it creates a conducive environment for business development and networking.


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BIGIT’s events are niche, exclusive and tailored according to market needs of the host city and address the evolving nature of technological advancement. Our priority remains – to create value for the audience; to organise an exhibition for industry specialists yet catering to the
end users.

Incorporating both quality and quantity into our shows, some attendees have described us to have “a great balance between business networking and knowledge sharing”. Thus, we strive to Build Intelligence Globally in Technology and that makes us truly unique.

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