How soon will AI replace Human’s existing role?

Are we on the pace with Technology Innovation?

Control the machine or let it controlled us?

Have you equipped yourself with the right knowledge?

How far is your Data Science journey?

BIGIT Campus (BC) aim to be the next hub for Data Scientists as well as to increase the number of well known and skilled Data Scientists in this region.
BC will evolve into the next PACE in the technology industry Data Science. With pride, we are here to stay and to help you grow.

Couldn’t find the right workshop to sign up? No worries, we provide customise in-house training


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BIGIT CAMPUS’ workshops are niche, exclusive and tailored according to market needs of the host city and address the evolving nature of technological advancement.

Incorporating both quality and quantity into our shows, some attendees have described us to have “a great balance between business networking and knowledge sharing”. Thus, we strive to Build Intelligence Globally in Technology and that makes us truly unique.

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