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Abdullah Abbas

Abdullah Abbas

Head Of Engineering, Digi-X

Alain Boey

Alain Boey

Chief Transformation Officer, Media Prima Berhad

Alan Cheah

Alan Cheah

CEO, GoCar Mobility

Alan Goon

Alan Goon

Executive Partner, Gartner

Anthea Low

Anthea Low

Data Scientist, Media Prima Digital

Damien Yee

Damien Yee

Chief Learning Officer, CXS PTE LTD

Duncan Lee

Duncan Lee

Manufacturing IT Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation

Jack Lim

Jack Lim

Director, Gartner Research & Advisory (Malaysia)

Jason Yuan

Jason Yuan

VP Product & Marketing, Sangfor

Kim Ming

Kim Ming

Chief Data Scientist, Media Prima Digital

Datuk Ir Dr Leong Siew Mun

Datuk Ir Dr Leong Siew Mun

Executive Director, Dynargy Global Sdn Bhd

Dr Marcelo H. ANG Jr

Dr Marcelo H. ANG Jr

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore

Mohd Azham

Mohd Azham

Assistant Vice President of Operations Improvement, Pos Malaysia Berhad

Sam Majid

Sam Majid

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer,PLUS Malaysia Berhad

Sekar Jaganathan

Sekar Jaganathan

Chief Information Officer, Rakuten Trade Sdn Bhd

Thillai Raj

Thillai Raj



Agenda Day 1: 4th September 2018
8.30am Registration and Morning Coffee
9.00am Welcoming Remarks by the Producer
9.05am Opening Remarks by Chairperson
9.15am Opening Speech



Keynote Presentation
Business Moments Disrupted! Thriving in the New Digital Economy in the Midst of Technological Innovation

Listen to this keynote talk about Digital Business and why it matters. We will explore real-world examples of how Digital Technologies and digital startups are disrupting traditional business models. We will explore its impact to various industries from these disruptive digital technology trends and provide insights into what organizations can do to survive and thrive in the new digital business economy. The concept of “Business Moments” will also be introduced. They are transient moments of need by a customer that creates the opportunity for organizations to deliver value and profit from it. Lastly, we will examine the role of data science professionals in creating new “Business Moments” insights, transforming stakeholders and customer experience to drive digital innovation.

Alan Goon, Executive Partner, Gartner



Keynote Presentation
It’s No Longer Just Another Digital Transformation. It’s a Data-Driven Digital Transformation!

Organizations that describe digital transformation as simply the incorporation of digital technology into all areas of their business often end up overlooking its power. However, a digital transformation that puts data (and analytics) at the core of its operations will allow an organization to look at their business from a data angle instead of seeing it as a set of processes. This presentation looks at why a data-driven digital transformation is formidable and how it changes the value an organization brings to its customers, and itself.

Sekar Jaganathan, CIO,Rakuten Trade Sdn Bhd



Case Study
Virus Characteristic Analytics: Securing Millions of Business and Billions of People on Our Global System of Interconnected Computer Networks

An organization endured a year of virus attack without realizing its security was compromised! Its conventional firewall and anti-virus program failed to notice the malware. Discover how, through advanced virus characteristic analysis, the organization was able to proactively detect and prevent future cyberattacks.

Jason Yuan, VP Product & Marketing, Sangfor


Morning Refreshment & Networking Session



Expert Presentation
Profiling, Learning Analytics and Data-Driven Insights to Empower Educational Institutions

Educators and leaders need to solve complex problems to power lifelong learning and provide employability solutions to meet the needs of the future-ready workforce at a national, regional, and even global level. The 4th Industrial Revolution has created challenges that old systems of education and conventional standards can no longer meet. The gaps between employability and education in this new world require new forms of data-driven insights in order to be bridged successfully. Using profiling, learning analytics and data-driven insights, CXS creates an intelligent platform that can be used to improve educational quality in academic institutions. By producing validated data on student well-being and performance, based on research, and a framework that allows integration with external data sources, CXS empowers schools to understand the complex issues that affect education quality and become nimble in its response to the ever changing nature of the future workforce.

Damien Yee, Chief Learning Officer,CXS PTE LTD



Case Study
Holistically Evaluating and Ranking World Cryptocurrencies using Machine Learning

Many organizations evaluate cryptocurrencies based solely on market capitalization which can be manipulated easily. Come hear a presentation and case study on how a company scores and ranks cryptocurrencies using multiple data sources and a proprietary machine learning algorithm.



Discovering What a Data-Driven Organization Look Like?

What does a data-driven organization’s DNA look like? Is it the continuous capturing and reinforcing of the value of its data? Is it the empowering of every employee by giving them direct access to the data they need when they need it so they can make better decisions? Attend this panel discussion on how people, process, technology and culture influence the creation of a data-driven organization.

Moderator: Jack Lim, Director Business Development, Gartner

Panelist #1: Alain Boey, Chief Transformation Officer, Media Prima Berhad


Networking Luncheon Session



Case Study
Increasing Footfall and Uplifting Sales through User Targeting and Location Attribution

Listen to an amazing case study on how a Malaysian electronics and furniture retailer multiplied their footfall and sales by targeting women entering their competitors’ outlets via mobile ads and offline location attribution services.



Expert Presentation
Keeping Your Customer Experience Alive with Big Data Analytics

You receive a congratulatory email from a retailer right after running your first marathon. They also suggest running shoes specific to your needs. You end up buying a pair for your next race. Customer experience at its best! Listen to this expert presentation on acquiring valuable customer data – be it behavioral, location and/or intention to purchase. And use it with advanced analytics to vastly improve customer experience and satisfaction, ensure repeat business and assure long-term loyalty.

Alan Cheah, CEO, GoCAR



Expert Presentation
Transforming Traffic Management with Intelligent Transportation System

Significant increases in vehicle ownership and traffic movement cause traditional traffic management techniques to fail, resulting in severe bottlenecked junctions, high accident rates and congestions in our road networks. The advancement in cloud computing, big data analytics, mobile applications and IoT has created new emerging opportunities for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and promises a new transformation in traffic management that is cheaper, non-restrictive and inclusive. This presentation takes the audience in the exploration of various conventional ITS deployment in road traffic management, with reference to Malaysia’s experiences, and presents potential prospects for new ITS deployments in the traffic management sector as “take home” thoughts.

Datuk Ir Dr Leong Siew Mun , Executive Director, Dynargy Global Sdn Bhd


Afternoon Break & Networking Session




Expert Presentation
Data-Driven Product Innovation

Across the entire business spectrum, data plays a key role in today’s product development. Here’s an overview on how companies utilize data in developing digital products, using e-wallets as a business case. The rampant growth of the e-wallet space and stiff competition have called for discounts, cashbacks and freebies to spur user acquisition. The enticement of rewards has opened a Pandora’s box of potential scams. Listen to this expert presentation on how big data and analytics are exploited in the adoption of deep device interrogation and live data streaming in uncovering high-risk factors, detecting suspicious anomalies in user behavior and fighting fraudulent activities.

Abdullah Abbas, Head of Engineering, DIGI-X



Expert Presentation
Moving Beyond Proofs-Of-Concept and Experiments: Scaling Your Big Data Projects to Transform Your Organization

A proof-of-concept (POC) is, well, just a POC. A successful big data analytics POC does not mean your organization will be able to derive value from its advanced analytics. Moving beyond POC and scaling your big data projects require more than just data and technology. Listen to this expert presentation on how to operationalize your organization’s big data project by building key aspects of the operating model like people, process, policy and performance measurement. And not forgetting your data and technology, of course!



Panel Discussion
Making Money from Big Data and AI: Identifying New Trends and Exploiting Opportunities

The availability of affordable and on-demand computing power has made big data and artificial intelligence (AI) accessible beyond research labs. And this means more opportunities for people like you and me to innovate and develop new business models with these technologies. Join us in this panel discussion on some real life success stories of how some organizations exploit big data and AI to reap large profits.




End of Day 1

*Conference Agenda is subject to change without prior notice

Agenda Day 2: 5th September 2018
8.30am Registration and Morning Coffee
9.00am Welcoming Remarks by the Producer



Keynote Presentation
The Prometheus Society and Enabling Technologies

Are we going to be more or less human in the future? With advances in AI, biosciences, augmented and virtual reality, to name just a few, it is thrilling to imagine a future where we begin to look like cyborgs with superintelligence. Listen to this breathtaking keynote on how the rise of intelligent societies will change our lives in many ways. Take artificial intelligence, for instance. When we reach the singularity in 2045, as predicted by Ray Kurzweil, AI will lead to machines that are smarter than human beings. They will merge with us and make us smarter. Will we be free then to focus on strategy, creativity and innovation? Or will we fear these machines inside us taking over us and the world?





Case Study
Making a Quantum Leap in Manufacturing Yield with the Internet of Things (IOT) and Predictive Analytics

Smart manufacturing with big data analytics and IoT has facilitated the current and future manufacturing needs of a company while producing a clear return on its investment. The company’s pilot program is estimated to save it millions of dollars every year. Listen to this presentation on how the monitoring, analytics and modelling provided by smart manufacturing allowed the company to improve uptime, minimize yield losses, enabled predictive maintenance and reduce component failures.



Expert Presentation 
Autonomous Vehicles: The Technologies and AI Behind This Transformative Technology 

Autonomous vehicles will control all the driving so we can go from point A to point B without taking the wheel. This self-driving technology will greatly enhance road safety and mobility for everyone. Listen to this expert presentation on how autonomous vehicles, with their sensors, are designed to detect other vehicles, cyclists and foot-travelers – 360 degrees. And armed with artificial intelligence software, these smart vehicles can also sense and predict the behavior of road users to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. 

Dr Marcelo H. ANG Jr, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering,National University of Singapore


Morning Refreshment & Networking Session



Expert Presentation
Regression, Machine Learning and Deep Learning: When to Use What

Machine learning and deep learning are not the answer to all your complex analytics problems. In many advanced analytics business cases, linear models and simple regression techniques are good enough and can even outperform machine / deep learning. Listen to this expert presentation on when to use simple regression, when to use machine learning, and when to use deep learning techniques, based on the volume of data and human understanding in constructing the model.



Case Study
Safeguarding Our Neighbourhoods and Business with Smart Video Analytics

With ever more homeowners and businesses investing in security systems to prevent crime, an intelligent video analytics solution solves the trouble of manual CCTV monitoring. Listen to how a property developer used advanced video analytics to boost the effectiveness of their existing security systems with real-time threat alerts. They were able to instantly organize counter measures to stop or minimize damages, resulting in cost reduction, increased productivity, and most importantly, a more secure living and working environment.




Expert Presentation
When Reality Does Not Meet Expectations: The Challenges Faced by Data Science Professionals

You were hired because you demonstrated your ability to write intelligent machine and deep learning algorithms. However, in the ensuing three months in your new organization, all you did was produce reports for your boss to present in his weekly board meeting. Many green data scientists think data science is all about predictive analytics, machine learning and unravelling complex issues. This is often a delusion. Listen to this expert presentation on why many data scientists leave their job due to reality not matching their expectations, and how one will need to realign their expectations of an actual data science role.

Mohd Azham, Assistant Vice President of Operations Improvement, Pos Malaysia Berhad



Case Study
Harnessing Big Data Analytics to Stay Ahead of Your Competitors in the Online Travel Business

In a market flooded with global players all offering variations of the same travel products, this online travel leader exploited big data analytics to beat its competitors through the ability to process enormous amounts of data quickly and efficiently. Listen to how this company was able to handle thousands of user requests and millions of reviews and images – all in real-time – with the focus on understanding user behavior to boost sales and enhance customer experience.


Networking Luncheon Session



Case Study
The PLUS Expressway Journey of Data and Technology

Insights into the journey and aspiration of Malaysia’s Premier expressway in becoming Digital for driving Mobility in the years to come

Sam Majid, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at PLUS Malaysia Berhad



Case Study
Adopting Artificial Intelligence as an Early Warning System to Reduce Non-Performing Loans

For financial institutions with considerable focus on commercial loans, a major concern faced by them is managing the risk from non-performing loans (NPL). High NPL ratios require greater loan provisions, which reduces capital resources available for lending and damages the bank’s revenue. Listen to how a Malaysian bank uses AI to predict potential non-performing accounts as early as six months prior to default and leading to a major reduction in NPLs.



Expert Presentation
The Art of Data Storytelling

It is not enough to just show your data. You need to tell a story with it. From the most remote villages to ancient scriptures to books and to movies, storytelling is human nature and has existed even before the written language was conceived. Listen to this expert presentation on how we can tell stories with data, and how these stories impact human understanding, can be used to communicate with stakeholders and influence change in the world.

Anthea Low, Data Scientist, Media Prima Digital


Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Session



Case Study
Creating the World’s Most Efficient Airline Using Industrial Internet

This airline has a widespread network and most frequencies to cities around the region, but with increasing competition and operational costs, the company was under immense pressure to save more and improve efficiencies. Listen to how, with advanced analytics and the use of the industrial internet where machines, sensors and software are integrated, the airline was able to consume data from such a system, process it in real-time, and fine-tune its operations to increase cost efficiencies.



Expert Presentation
Data and Natural Language Processing for Content Recommendation, Personalisation and Customer Experience

What do content recommendation, personalization and customer experience have in common? It’s all about delivering the most relevant content and products to the right person at the precise time and place. Listen to this expert presentation on the increasingly long and complex digital journeys consumers take when they devour online content or purchase something. And understand how natural language processing (NLP) can be used to analyze this data to personalize and suggest relevant content or products, effectively elevating the customer experience.

Teh Kim Ming, Chief Data Scientist, Media Prima Digital



Artificial Intelligence: Is the Future More or Less Human? Will the Risks Outweigh the Rewards

There is no doubt our lives are being transformed by intelligent systems. But as these systems become more and more clever, AI experts are increasingly being kept awake at night by new risk assessment and ethical issues surrounding these super-intelligent machines. Tune in and listen to this great debate on whether the future is more or less human. Topics such as the end of jobs, wealth distribution, how machines affect our behavior, technological singularity and racist robots will be discussed and argued at length.

 5.10PM Closing Remarks and End of Day 2

*Conference Agenda is subject to change without prior notice

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